McCleary 05 TRX Rebuild (pt. 1)

05 TRX REBUILD, 2012. – Guest Post By Christopher McCleary

Before teardown.

I started this rebuild after 4 years of the first rebuild. I still maintained it during the 4 years and I just got tired of the dull look it was turning into, so figured it was due time. This time I was going to go with different colors, but couldn’t stray away from my originals. I started tearing it down. It took me about 3 solid hours of breaking it down in sections, then from there classified what was going to be done to each part of the bike. I knew everything was going to be re-powder coated and since I had a good line on who was going to do it for me, it made it that much of an easier choice to go ahead and start it.

All the suspension was done in a 60% gloss black because I once had a high gloss black powder done and the years of abuse of sand and dirt just turned the gloss to dull anyway. I went with a deeper transparent red than was on it from previous build – it’s hard to match colors with different powder companies. The color actually turned out really good. My roommate owns a powder shop in St. Helens, Oregon called PSP Powder Coating. He spared no man-power or equipment to make this look his best.

3 builds at once!

As I got to the motor I noticed the spark plug was hard to remove and ended up damaging the threads in the head. This was from corrosion from the oxygenated fuel I ran. It pulls moisture and begins to rust and corrode metals in the head. I took the cylinder head over to Frank Lyons from Lyons Technical Machining, and he took care of the issue. It needed new seats and a valve job, as well as a heli –coil. Frank is a very knowledgeable person and only does the job right. I also decided to put a new set of rings in the piston as well.

The suspension was sent to my sponsor JET SUSPENSION out of Indiana. Nick takes really good care of me and took my Elkas that were factory set-up and made them work 4 times better than Elka could ever do. So sending them to him this time was no different. Why mess with a good thing? He noticed that the rear shock had some issues when they were on the shock dyno and took care of them. Those are on their way back right now.

As of now this is where I stand: Most of the chassis is together, waiting on shocks and the cylinder head to get back and then the final assembly will follow. I have 3 builds going on the same time! When everything is finished I will post pictures and a list of the goodies used as well as an updated progress report through the end.'


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