Your Riding Areas Need HELP!

Every day you aren’t active in the fight to keep public lands open to us is a day that we lose more and more ground – literally. Our biggest challenge isn’t our opposition, but apathy among our friends and fellow off-road enthusiasts. It’s an uphill battle! While not everyone can afford to join every single club or association trying to save OHV land, you can take the time to make your voice heard and keep up to date on what’s happening.

Please visit WOHVA (Washington Off-Highway Vehicle Association) to keep up on local issues in Washington. We have also included a new Twitter feed at the top of the site for really important updates to display. Please remember to look up there!

You can also visit Save the Trails for issues regarding national use of OHVS:

Register here:

And promote/demote ideas that can help/hurt us. At one point there were a lot of off-road friendly ideas promoted, but the “greenies” have rallied and we’re losing ground in some places.

If you enjoy the Oregon Dunes, you might want to keep track of the issues going on there- closing more sand for hikers and mushroom pickers. The Forest Service reportedly has not been opposed to opening some land as well, but that doesn’t seem likely, does it? Visit Save the Riders’ Dunes here: or find them on Facebook.

We are heading down a slippery slope! There was a CPSC ban on youth ATVs in February because they contained lead (since temporarily retracted), and now Massachusetts has banned riders under 14. Do you like riding with your family? Is your kid the next Chris Borich or Josh Creamer? Then you better stay involved!

If you can click a mouse you can help, and our riding areas need it!


Megan grew up riding quads and got involved with the racing community in 2004, creating in 2005. A lifelong love of motorcycles keeps her involved, while her two small kids keep her very busy.

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  1. I can appreciate the fact that people enjoy hiking in the Dunes. And the last thing I want is to keep hikers from them. Some of us however have physical issues such as knee problems that don't allow for hiking. Getting around by Quad seems to work pretty good for us. I know this may sound like a stretch but not all of us are pretending we are in a race out there.

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