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Jeff and I headed to Showare Saturday night for Mickey Fay’s Northwest Extreme Flat Track event. Besides the Ice Racing I had never been to a Flat Track event, but I knew it involved a lot of left turns. I managed to score some great seats connected to the Pit Area, 1 row above the track. The track was concrete, and as we entered it was all set-up for the MOB Syndicate freestyle show. 5 guys, 3 bikes, 2 ramps, and a cooler came up from California to put on a show, and with the short landing zone, they had their work cut out for them! The crowd was dually impressed, even those of us that have seen these kind of antics before.

The dirtbikes at Ice Racing were fast, but nothing compared to these guys on the concrete. They go fast, they get sideways, and YES! they race close! It was a pretty impressive sight to see these guys race bar-to-bar the whole way around the track. There were 2 heats of 5, and a main event with 10 guys for both bikes and quads. 10 guys tire to tire on the track at speed is a sight to see, and it was exciting racing for sure!

The quad event was invitation-only extended to 10 Pro-caliber riders, and 10 minis. Mickey Fay was kind enough to give LARGE trophies to all the minis that participated – even the few that cracked their skulls on the concrete! There was definitely some carnage, even among the smallest racers. One poor girl lost it coming out of a corner and pitched herself head-first into the concrete. They red-flagged the start and lined back up. She came back to win it, tears and all!

There was more bumping and punting in the mini class than with the big boys, and they don’t let their slower speeds hinder their riding. The minis were also exciting and it was a tight race the whole 8 laps!

On to the big boys. Reed Petchnick says Reed Petchnick was the only TM$er to be invited as he has frequently been seen at Mickey Fay’s Puyallup series and has a good name with other flat-tracking Pros. Reed had the 4th fastest time during qualifiers and managed to secure a spot in the dash-for-cash, and a 2nd position for the line of his heat. Turns out Reed ‘s lucky number is 2. He pushed hard and pulled out front, raced hard, and secured a win for his heat race. Reed tossed his goggles “supercross style” into the crowd as he rolled around to be interviewed at the finish.

Reed didn’t fair as well in the dash-for-cash, placing 3rd which, unfortunately, put him out of the cash. I’m thinking he was distracted by the trophy girls….

The main for the quads was exciting, and painful. It took 4 red flags to finally get the race underway. First, someone on the 2nd row jumped the start. Then, on the 2nd start, two guys got tangled. On the 3rd start Reed and another rider got tangled and the race was red flagged again.

Unfortunately, the 2nd position on the 1st line was not good to Reed as on the 3rd start they made it a few laps around and right as I had taken my camera away from my eye I saw a flash of blue. It happened in an instant. Reed was tangled with another bike, and with nowhere to go, was tossed up and over the bars. His bike cartwheeled out of the way, and as the bikes cleared, Reed could be seen laying on the concrete. The crowd’s audible gasp and utter silence was surreal as we waited, watching.

Luckily for everyone Reed was OK. He took inventory of his working parts and was helped up and walked over to his bike. His dad was over checking it out to make sure he could still race. Not being a sissy, Reed got back on and lined up again. This time he was to start on the 3rd row. The 4th start went off without a hitch. While he raced hard, it’s practically impossible to come back from the 3rd row because by the time you are on the 3rd row, you are almost starting half a lap down. At 8 seconds per lap, that’s not a lot of time for make-up or error.

After the checkers were thrown, Reed stopped by and asked the Trophy Girls if he could get a sympathy number since he crashed so hard. Unfortunately for him, they smiled and said, “Cute, but no.”

We didn’t stay for the final ceremonies and awards, or the Pro autograph session afterward, so I’ll let Reed or someone else fill in the gaps there. It was a really good night. If there is another event like this you will definitely have to make plans to see it. If you didn’t notice: Kent Kawasaki was the title sponsor and provided a lot of funding for the event (and I think the trophy girls, too). They helped make it top-notch, so if you need a Kawi part you should visit them. They are supporting NW motorsports and threw down a lot of money for this A+ event! Thanks to Mickey Fay for putting on a great show!

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