Giant Weekend Coming to Glen Helen!

Giant Weekend Coming to Glen Helen! This weekend brings a full slate of action to the world-famous Glen Helen Raceway! Thursday will host the usual open practice day at “The Glen,” followed by a special Quad/UTV practice day on Friday, March 20th, from 9am to 1pm. This special practice session is to help racers prepare for Round 2 of the QuadX Series. The STI QuadX & UTV Racing Series resumes Saturday, March 21st with a full slate of ATP Pro, Amateur and Youth classes, as well as Pro, Unlimited and Sportsman UTV classes. For more information and entries, visit! … Read more…

2015 GNCC Round 2 Race Report – Slightly Bent Racing

2015 GNCC Race Report The Maxxis General Washington, GA ~ It’s amazing what a week can do.  Round 1 may have given us a much needed break from old man winter with a little sun, sand, and racing, but round 2 made sure to remind us that in GNCC racing… prepared for anything!  Mud was the order of the day at this year’s running of The General presented by Maxxis. While this track isn’t known for it’s extreme elevation changes or intense rock gardens, it is known for it’s red Georgia clay, and when you combine that clay with a fair amount of rain, then … Read more…

2015 GNCC Round 1 Race Report

Racing action from Round 1 of the GNCC series!

Palatka, FL ~ Welcome back everyone!!  It’s a new year, a new season, and another positive step forward for this race team.  Let’s get right to it by putting down the snow shovels and heading south to the sunshine state.  Round 1 of the Grand National Cross Country series brings us back to a venue that the old school GNCC racers may remember, a 6,000 acre working cattle and timber plantation known as the Rodman Plantation.  The terrain here is similar to other Florida tracks we have seen in recent years which means the track conditions will get rough very quickly.  Another variable racers need to pay attention to is temperature.  Going from 30 degrees and snowing to 70+ degrees and sunny sounds like heaven but it can quickly take you down if you’re not  aware.  They don’t call this America’s Toughest Sport for nothing!! … Read more…

WORCS Canyon Video


Peoria, AZ – Maxxis/H&M Motorsports’ Beau Baron continued his onslaught in the Pro ATV class at round three of the 2015 Rocky Mountain MC World Off-Road Championship Series Presented by Maxxis and Dirt Wheels with his third consecutive win, while his teammate David Haagsma joined him on the podium in second and LMR Racing’s Robbie Mitchell claimed third. … Read more…

Colt Brinkerhoff AMA National Hare and Hound Race Report Round 2


AMA National Hare and Hound Association Round 2 Checkers 2015


Barstow, CA 2/22/2015- Man, I was excited to see this new venue, only racing NHHA for a few years; I never had the chance to race in Barstow. It hosts some of the gnarliest terrain on the west coast with multiple “SCORE” roads, very rocky and not a lot of places to pass on the virgin parts of the course. I had the “Rat Rod” prepped and ready for battle in the high California desert. I had the engine redone after the first race along with changing my Elka Suspension around a bit. The quad was amazing!  As a Massachusetts native would say “My Moto Xperts/Hot Cams/Hot Rod/Cylinder Works/Vertex Piston TRX engine is a rippa!” I also, have to thank Jay at Impact Solutions for dialing in my Elkas, they worked really hard for me to make them the best they can be. Did some shock tuning with Alex and James Ortiz out at their house had a lot of laughs and got my quad working great.

I ended up driving down by myself to pick up some race fuel from RSI and my main man Jay Young of Team True Racing delivering it to Skyler and I. That was a huge help to both of our programs so thanks to them. I had to stop several times on the way as I was having some stomach issues early on, I felt like Harry Dunn (Dumb and Dumber) when Lloyd pours him some “superlax”….Haha! I had finally made it to the race site and settled in. My girlfriend
Rachel and her dad showed up shortly after. We got everything ready and rode a couple times to give the quads a shake down. I did some minor changes to the shocks and they were better than ever. I was Dungey pumped!

 Race Day:
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Daytona ATV Supercross Preview

With the 2015 racing season rapidly approaching, all eyes are on March 10, 2015, where the best ATV riders from around the country will compete at the Daytona SX track during bike week. To add to the excitement, this historic race is also the opening round for 2015. Sharing the top notch supercross track with the dirt bikes will provide a great opportunity for the sport to grow, and also provide us with some great racing. A Race to Watch by Austin Rohr There is no doubt that many have Chad Wienen picked for the win and rightfully so. Three consecutive titles … Read more…

Daytona ATVSX Winner John Natalie School Comes to Idaho for EMF Days

Get trained by Daytona SX winner and multi-time champion John Natalie at EMF Days this April in Burley, ID. April 4th and 5th there will be racing, open practices for quads, SxS, and bikes, movies, food, camping and a John Natalie riding school. Bikes are welcome to attend the event, and bike classes will be added as necessary. The Natalie class will take place Friday April 3rd, registration for all ages/skill levels below. Space is limited!Read more…

Interview with Edico Usak


Edico Usak is one of the Canadian kids that blew the doors off the B class in the first year on 450s. He and fellow Canadian Hunter Friesen (interviewed here) had a pivotal year of learning on the big bike and now they are ready to jump up into A and the ProAm class and cement themselves there among veteran riders. We asked Edico a few questions about his upcoming race season. Here is what he had to say:

Going into the new season, what kind of expectations do you have for yourself this year? Going into the 2015 season my expectations are to try my hardest and do my best. I have trained very hard this off season and got myself into really good shape and feel ready to take on the challenge of Production A and ProAm.

QXNWHORN_14714Reflecting on last year’s racing, what did you focus on most for the off-season in order to improve for 2015? Last year was a really good year and a learning year being it the first on my 450. I focused this off season on my strength in the gym a lot. I felt like last year my stamina was great but the new, bigger machine was a lot more for me to handle. I didn’t feel like I would get out of breath tired, I just felt like I would get physically tired and felt like if I was a bit stronger it would help a lot. That’s what I focused on a lot this off season. … Read more…

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: JRi Shocks offering first aftermarket shock for the Polaris Slingshot.

Mooresville, NC (2/20/15)

JRi-Shocks-Polaris-Slingshot JRi Shocks is pleased to offer the first factory replacement shocks for the all new Polaris Slingshot.  After receiving a number of complaints about the harsh ride and the limited adjustability of the factory shocks, Wisconsin based Alpha Powersport approached JRi about providing a solution.

The factory Slingshot shocks are a twin tube design that provide no preload adjustment and are non adjustable.  JRi’s monotube, gas charged shocks greatly improve ride comfort and offer ride height adjustment in addition to 60 clicks of damping adjustment, allowing the user to customize the ride to their comfort and driving style.  For a firmer ride, simply turn the adjuster knob in the “+” direction; for a softer ride turn it in the “-“direction.  Ride height can also be adjusted but the user must first loosen the lock ring on top of the preload collar, then tighten or loosen the collar to achieve the desired ride height.

 The JRi Slingshot shocks were actually adapted from JRi’s popular single adjustable shocks, already in use on numerous street and custom applications.    “We have an extensive background in developing shocks for motorcycles and pro touring vehicles, including vehicles like the Ariel Atom which is similar to the Slingshot,” said Steve Jessup, JRi’s design engineer.  “We were able to develop a baseline setup from this project and combine it with feedback received from dedicated Slingshot enthusiasts like the folks at Alpha Powersport, and come up with a solution that works well for the Slingshot.”

 JRi Shocks for the Polaris Slingshot are available from Alpha Powersport.  For more information visit or

About JRi Shocks

Makers of high performance, high precision shock absorbers, JRi Shocks draws upon over 100 years of collective experience in shock absorber design and engineering. Since opening their doors in 2007, JRi Shocks has seen success in nearly every form of motorsports from NASCAR and IndyCar to drag racing, short track, road racing and offroad. JRi’s race proven suspension designs are a tested and proven solution for peak performance on both the street and the track.

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Interview with Phil “This Semi Is Almost the Right Size” Oppen


Phil Oppen, alongside girlfriend Miranda Williams and her son Kellen Williams, will be heading East this year. All the way from Estacada, Oregon to, well, all over the East Coast. Phil and familia are pursuing the ATV MX circuit this year. After getting a small taste of the competition at the ATV Pro Challenge, Phil traded his truck and trailer for a big dogger tractor trailer combo last Spring and has been putting countless hours into making the rig ready for the upcoming MX season. We asked him a few questions about his upcoming adventure.

Tell us about your racing plans this year. You’re heading back East to compete on the National Level. Are you excited? Nervous? Ready?
That is true, it is something I have wanted to do since I started racing and this year I finally have a chance to go throw some laps down over there. I am very excited to be able to have this opportunity and feel well prepared for the season ahead.

When did you first think that racing back East would be possible? 
Well I was kind of feeling out the work situation last year to see if there was a way to make it mesh. Also, we were having a tough time fitting everything we needed into our last set up, so after I found the semi, it was a done deal.

Did you maybe get bit by the “bug” at the ATV Pro Challenge?
Absolutely I did, it was a level of racing that I had never experienced. It made me realize that I can and will need to push myself a lot closer to the edge than I ever have.

You didn’t get much seat time in last year. How prepared do you feel you’ll be for your first round?
I have probably lost a little speed from not riding very much last year, but I have been working on my fitness a lot and feel confident in myself that I will be able stay in the front of the pack.
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Champion Oil Decreases Prices

660-890-6231 or


(Clinton, MO / February 16th, 2015) Champion Oil, a major player in development and manufacturing of semi-synthetic and full synthetic motor oils, announced that effective this week there will be a general posted price decrease of branded motor oils and lubricants on select SKU’s.

“Champion is pleased to be one of the first in announcing the decrease costs of our products to the market,” stated Karl Dedolph, Global Sales Director at Champion Oil. “It gives us great pleasure at this time and, in part because of falling crude oil prices, to help our distributors with pricing advantages who will pass along the saving to many racers and auto enthusiasts. The big question is how long will these low crude oil prices last.”

“The current situation we see with crude oil prices is really very simple,” added Dedolph. “In many countries demand is down because they have seen high prices in their market for too long. supply is up because of U.S. shale oil, new exploration and harvesting technologies, and the return of Libya’s production, plus OPEC is determined at this time not to cut oil production. Decreased demand and increased supply equals a lower price of crude.” … Read more…